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Stepsheets Dansen -D-

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Dansen 2019

Country Linedansen

Non-Country Linedansen


Da Vinci
Dance Tonight

Dance With Me

Dance With U
Dark Side
Deep Blue Eyes
Dig Deep

Don't Deserve You
Don't Wanna Lie
Down To The Honkytonk
Drink a Little Beer
Drive My Truck

Desert Wind
Diamond Wings
Dog Named Boo
Don't Let Go


Dansen 2018

Country Linedansen

Non-Country Linedansen


Dance Me Round

Day of the Dead

Day Of Victory

Deep South
Devil Calling

Didn't We Try

DJ Around

Doggone Cowboy

Don't Cha

Double Down Two Step
Down To The Honky Tonk
Drowns Whiskey

Dance Little Sister
Dancing On A Monday
Dímelo Al Revés
Doin’ La Bamba
Don't Go Away
Double D

Doing It To Country Songs

Dansen 2017

Country Linedansen

Non-Country Linedansen


Dance After Dance
Dance Her Home

Dancin' The Dust

Dangerous Games
Dark Whiskey

Darling & Honey

Diamond Ring


Diamonds and Daughters


Dirt In My Face
Dixie Girl

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

Do You Know

Don't Drop By

Don't Worry

Down On Your Uppers

Drinking Problem
Driving in a Pontiac

Diamond Dreams
Doesn’t Matter
Don't Hold Back
Drop the Mambo


Dansen voor 2017

Country Linedansen

Non-Country Linedansen


Daddy's Hands
Daddy's Radio
Dance Baby Dance
Dance With The One
Dancing In The Dark
Dancing In The  Moonlight
Darling Blue Ain't Your Color
Desperado Love
Diamond Rings
Did It For The Girl

Different For Girls
Dig A Little Deeper
Dig Your Heels
Diggy Lo
Dime Store Cowgirl
Disappearing Bubbles
Disappearing Tail Lights
Dixie Road (Amy Yang)
Dixie Road
Do a Little Life
Dog River Blues
Doing It (To Country Songs)
Dolce Vita
Doin' It Right
Doin' The Dallas

Don’t Bet Your Boots
Don't Close Your Eyes
Don’t Dial A Doctor
Don't Fence Me In
Don't Leave Me
Don't Let Friends Drink
Don't let it Slip on By

Don't Let Me Down

Don't Look Back
Don't Look Now
Don’t Make Me
Don't Really Matter
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me

Don't You Wish
Donegal Waltz
Dorothea's Dance
Down And Out

Down At The Station
Down Low
Down On The Bayou
Down On The Border
Down The Mississippi
Down The Road
Down To The River
Downside Of Love

Down To Lousiana
Drank My Way To Houston
Dreams I Dream
Dreams & Wishes
Drift Away
Drift Off To Dream
Drink in My Hand
Drink Myself Out Of Love
Drink On It
Drinkin Buddies
Drinkin' Day
Drinking With Dolly
Drive This Boy Wild
Drunk in Heels
Drunk Last Night
Drunken Sailor (Contra)

Dance Again
Dance Life
Dance of Love
Dance With Me To The Radio
Dancing In The Summerwind
Deep In My Heart

Diagonal Mix
Dimelo Tu
Dis-moi qu’un Jour

Divine Line


Do I Love You
Do Me Right
Do You Really Love Life
Don’t Break This Heart
Don't Cry For Me

Don't Dance Alone
Don't Disturb Me
Don’t Worry ‘bout a Thing
Double U Double D
Don't Wake Me Up
Dream Lover
Dream Of Happiness
Drip Droppin
Driving Test

Dancin' Her Home
Dancin' Shoes Mixer
Desperately Yours
Do It All Night
(whatever you like)

Don't Be Cruel

Down On The Brazos


©Henri te Kaat