Want U Back   (April 2018)
Choreographer : Wil Bos & Grace David
Type of dance : 2 wall line dance
Level : Improver

Counts : 32

Intro: 16 counts

Music : Want U Back

Artist : Cher Lloyd (US Version)

Open as


[1-8] Heel, Together, Fwd Step, Fwd Step, 3/4 Unwind turn to L, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Weave Step
1&2RF Heel Fwd(1), Step RF next to LF(&), Step LF Fwd(2) 12:00
3 4Step RF Fwd(3), 3/4 Unwind turn to L(4) 3:00
5&6Rock LF on side(5), Recover on RF(&), Cross LF over RF(6) 3:00
&7&8Step RF on R side(&), Step LF behind RF(7), Step RF on R side(&),Cross LF over RF(8) 3:00

[9-16] Side, Touch, O ut-In Touches, Side, C oaster Step, 1/4 Sw ivels L, R, H old
1 2Step RF on R side as you start dragging LF towards RF(1), Touch LF next to RF(2) 3:00
3&4Touch LF on L side(3), Touch LF next to RF(&), Step LF on L side(4) 3:00
5&6Step RF back(5), Step LF next to RF(&), Step RF Fwd(6) 3:00
7&8 1/4 Swivel to L(7), 1/4 Swivel back to R(&), HOLD as you throw both hands upwards keeping weight more on LF - 3:00

[17-24] Hitch-Together R, L, Knee Out-In, Down, 1/4 Chasse to L, 1/2 Pivot turn to L
1&Hitch RF as you bring both hands down(1), Step RF next to LF as you bring both hands up(&) 3:00
2&Hitch LF as you bring both hands down(2), Step LF next to RF as you bring both hands up(&) 3:00
3&4Touch RF slightly diagonal as you turn R knee out(3), Turn R knee in(&), Turn R knee out as you place weight on RF(4) 3:00
5&6Step LF on L side(5), Step RF next to LF(&), 1/4 turn to L stepping LF Fwd(6) 6:00
7 8Step RF Fwd, 1/2 turn to L placing weight to LF 6:00

[25-32] Kick, Fw d Step, Side Rock, Kick, Fw d Step, Side Rock, Funky Slides R,L,R, Stomp
1&2&Kick RF Fwd(1), Step RF Fwd(&), Rock LF on L side(2), Recover on RF(&) 6:00
3&4&Kick LF Fwd(3). Step LF Fwd(&), rock RF on R side(4), Recover on LF(&) 6:00
5&6&Slide RF diagonal Fwd(5), Slide LF towards RF(&), Slide LF diagonal Fwd(6), Slide RF towards LF(&) 6:00
7 8Slide RF diagonal Fwd(7), Stomp LF next to RF(8) 6:00