Our Love Is Alive   (September 2018)
Choreographer : Wil Bos & Hyunji Chung
Type of dance : 2 wall line dance
Level : Intermediate

Counts : 64

Intro: 32 counts

Music : Stumblin In (Radio Edit)

Artist : Ahmet Kilic Stoto feat. Adeba

BPM   : 121
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Side Rock, Recover, Together, Side Rock, Recover, Behind-Side-Cross, Hold, Step Side, Cross
1-2RF. Rock to R side - LF. Recover
&3-4RF. Step together - LF. Rock to L side - RF. Recover
5&6LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Step to R side - LF. Cross over RF
&8RF. Step to R side - LF. Cross over RF

Step Side, 1/4 Sailor Step L, Touch-Ball-Step, Stomp Fwd, Shuffle Fwd
1RF. Step to R side
2&3LF. Cross behind RF - RF. 1/4 Turn L step together - LF. Step slightly forward (09:00)
4&5RF. Touch toe beside LF - RF. Step on the ball of the foot next to LF - LF. Step forward
6RF. Stomp forward
7&8LF. Step forward - RF. Close beside LF - LF. Step forward

Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn L, Vaudeville, Together, Cross Over, Step Side, Vaudeville
1-2RF. Step forward - 1/4 Turn L (06:00)
3&4RF. Cross over LF - LF. Step to L side - RF. Dig heel diagonal R forward
RF. Step together - LF. Cross over RF - RF. Step to R side
7&8LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Step to R side - LF. Dig heel diagonal L forward

Step Together, Cross Over, 1/4 Turn R, Shuffle 1/2 Turn R, Rock Step, Recover, & Point & Point
&1-2LF. Step together - RF. Cross over LF - LF. 1/4 Turn R step back (09:00)
3&4Shuffle 1/2 turn R, stepping R,L,R (03:00)
5-6LF. Rock forward - RF. Recover
&7&8LF. Step together - RF. Point toe to R side - RF. Step together - LF. Point toe to L side

& Point, 1/4 Turn R, Coaster Step, Step Fwd, Pivot 1/2 Turn R, Full Turn R
&1-2LF. Step together - RF. Point toe to R side - 1/4 Turn R (weight on LF) (06:00)
3&4RF. Step back - LF. Step together - RF. Step forward
5-6LF. Step forward - Pivot 1/2 turn R (12:00)
7-8LF. 1/2 Turn R step back - RF. 1/2 Turn R step forward (12:00)

Step Side, Touch, Step Side, Kick, Touch Behind, Unwind 1/2 L, Shuffle 1/2 Turn L
1-2LF. Step to L side (dip down a little) - RF. Touch toe to R side
3-4RF. Step to R side - LF. Kick diagonal L forward
5-6LF. Touch toe behind RF - 1/2 Turn L (weight on LF) (06:00)
7&8Shuffle 1/2 turn L, Stepping R,L,R (12:00)

Coaster Step with a 1/8 Turn L, Walk R,L Fwd, Touch Fwd, Touch Side, Sailor 1/2 Turn R
1&2LF. 1/8 Turn L step back - RF. Step together - LF. Step forward (10:30)
3-4RF. Step forward - LF. Step forward
5-6RF. Touch toe forward - RF. Touch toe to R side
7&8RF. Cross behind LF with a 1/2 turn R - LF. Step beside RF - RF. Step slightly forward (04:30)

Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn L, Step Fwd, 3/8 Turn L, Kick-Ball-Cross
1-2LF. Rock forward - RF. Recover
3&4Shuffle 1/2 turn L, Stepping L,R,L (10:30)
5-6RF. Step forward - 3/8 Turn L (06:00)
7&8RF. Kick forward - RF. Step on the ball of the foot next to LF - LF. Cross over RF
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