Money For The Weekend   (July 2017)
Choreographer : Wil Bos & Sebastiaan Holtland
Type of dance : 4 wall linedance
Level : High Improver

Counts : 32

Intro: 18 counts, start on approx 09 sec
         after the word: “Another”

Music : Another Saturday Night

Artist : Dean Brody

BPM   : 127
Open as


[1-8] Heel Switches R, L, Dorothy Step R, Dorothy Step L with ¼ Turn L, Fwd Rock / Recover.
1&Touch R heel slightly diagonal forward, Step R back in place.
Touch L heel slightly diagonal forward, Step L back in place.
3,4&Long step R diagonally forward, Step L behind R, Step R forward.
5,6&Making ¼ turn L (9.00) Long step L forward, Step R behind L, Step L forward.
7-8Step R forward, Recover back onto L.

[9-16] Coaster Step R, Syncopated Side Points L, R, Side Rock / Recover, Behind, ¼ R forward.
1&2Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward.
3&4&Point L out to L, Step L beside R, Point R out to R, Step R beside L.
5-6Step L to L, Recover back onto R.
7&8Step L behind R, Making ¼ turn R (12.00) step R to R, Step L forward.

[17-24] Back & Recover, Modified Jazzbox with 1/4 Turn R, 2x Hitch R.
1-2Step R back (L toe is up) & lean R while angling body 1/8 turn L, Recover back onto L.
3-6Step R across L, Making ¼ turn R (3.00) step L back, Step R to R, Step L forward.
7-8Hitch R knee up twice.

[25-32] Stomps Fwd R, L, Heel & Toe Swivel R, Jump Both Feet Apart, Hold, & Cross Point R
1-4Stomp R out to R, Stomp L out to L, Swivel R heel to L, Swivel R toe to L holding weight onto L.
&5-6Jump Both feet apart (&5), Hold.
&7-8Step R beside L, Step L across R, Point R out to R.