Where Have You Been
Choreograaf : Dwight Meessen  (Juni 2012)
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ans : 2 muurs linedans
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Tellen : 64
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Where Have You Been'

Muziek : Where Have You Been

Artiest : Rihanna

Koop muziek: iTunes

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Step Back, Coaster Step, 2x Walk Fwd,
Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn

1 RF Step back

2 LF Step back

& RF Close next to L

3 LF Step fwd

4 RF Walk fwd

5 LF Walk fwd

6 RF Rock fwd

7 LF Recover weight

8 RF ½ Turn Back, step fwd(right)

& LF Close next to R

1 RF Step fwd

¼ Turn Right,Cross Shuffle,Hold,
Cross Shuffle
2 LF Step fwd

3 L+R ¼ Turn (right)

4 LF Cross over R

& RF Close behind L

5 LF Cross over R

6 Hold

& RF Close behind L

7 LF Cross over R

& RF Close behind L

8 LF Cross over R

Side, Hold, &, Side, Touch, Chassé Left,
Chasse Left
1 RF         Step to right side

2 Hold

& LF Step next to R

3 RF Step to right side

4 LF Touch next to R

5 LF Step to Left side

& RF Step next to L

6 LF Step to Left side

& RF Step next to L

7 LF Step to Left side

& RF Step next to L

8 LF Step to Left side

Touch Position, Hitch Position, Coaster Step,
¼ Turn Right, Step fwd, Touch Position

1 RF Touch on position 

2 RF Hitch on position

3 RF Step back

& LF Close next to R

4 RF Step fwd

5 LF Step fwd
6 L+R ¼ Turn (right)
7 LF Step fwd

8 RF Touch on L*
*Restart in wall 2 & 4

Rock fwd, Recover, Full Turn Back, Rock back,
Recover, Step diagonal fwd right, Touch next to R

1 RF Rock fwd

2 LF Recover weight

3 RF ½ Turn back, step fwd (or walk back
4 LF ½ Turn back,step back(or walk back
5 RF Rock back

6 LF Recover weight

7 RF Step diagonal right fwd

8 LF Touch next to R

Step diagonal left fwd, Touch next to L,
Shuffle Back, Shuffle Back, Rock back, Recover

1 LF Step diagonal left fwd

2 RF Touch next to L

3 RF Step back

& LF Close next to R

4 RF Step back

5 LF Step back 

& RF Close next to L

6 LF Step back

7 RF Rock back

8 LF Recover weight

2x Walk fwd, Rock fwd, Recover,
Step ¼ Turn Right, Cross, Side Rock, Recover

1 RF Walk fwd    

2 LF Walk fwd

3 RF Rock fwd

4 LF Recover weight   

5 RF ¼ Turn step to right side

6 LF Cross over R 

7 RF Rock out to right side  

8 LF Recover weight   

Cross Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, Recover,

Cross Behind, ¼ Step fwd(right), &, Rock fwd

1 RF Cross behind L

& LF Step to left side 

2 RF Cross over L   

3 LF Rock out to left side 

4 RF Recover weight

5 LF Cross behind R

6 RF ¼ Turn(right), step fwd   

& LF Step behind R

7 RF Rock fwd

8 LF Recover weight

In the 2nd wall after 32 counts
in the 4nd wall after 32 counts