Live For Another Day
Choreographer : Ellie Hendriks (Sept. 2015)
Type of dance : 4 wall linedance
Level : Intermediate Nc2s

Counts : 32

Intro: 16 counts
(For a special Girlfriend)

Music : Another day’

Artist : Marc Broussard ft. Mattanja Joy Bradley

Open as

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¼ Turn Left, Rock back, Forward Rock, Coaster step, Walk, Pivot ¼ Turn Left, Cross Rock.
1 Make ¼ turn left stepping back on Right sweeping left from front to back. (9.00)
2&3 Rock back on left, recover weight forward on right. On left diagnal. Rock forward on left (7.30)
4&5 Turn 1/8 R , Step back on right, Step left next to Right, Step right forward,
6 Step left forward (9.00)
7&8& Step Right forward, pivot ¼ turn left, Cross rock Right over left, Recover on Left. (6.00)

Side-Drag, ¼ Jazzbox Left, Run R,L, Forward Rock, Coaster Step, Forward Rock Step.

1 Step right big step to right side dragging left towards right,
2&3 Cross Left over Right, Turn ¼ left stepping back on Right, Step Left forward,(3.00)
4& Run forward on Right, Left.
5 Rock forward on Right,
6&7 Step back on left, step Right next to Left, Step Left forward,
8& Rock Right forward, recover on left,

Step Back-Drag, Back Rock Step, ½ Turn Right, Right Sweep,
Step Behind, Step side, Cross Rock, Step Side, Cross Rock.

1 2& Step Right big step back dragging Left towards right, Rock Left back, recover on Right,
3 4& Make ½ Right stepping left back sweeping Right from front to back behind Left,
       Step left to the Left side (9.00).
5 6& Cross Right over Left, recover on Left, step Right to the Right side,
7 Cross Left over Right.

Coaster step, Pivot ¼ Turn Right, weave, ¾ Turn Right, Back Rock, Full turn Left .

8&1 Recover on Right, step Left next to Right, step forward on Right ,
2& Step Left forward, pivot ¼ turn Right,(12.00)
3&4& Cross Left over Right, step Right to the right side,
        cross Left behind Right, step Right to the right side.
5 6 Cross Left over Right, Turn ¾ right weight on left sweeping right to back. (9.00)
7&8& Rock back on Right, recover on Left, Make ½ turn Left stepping Right back,
        Make ½ turn left . Stepping Left forward (9.00)
Start again

After 16 counts on wall 3 (Start on Count 1 (6.00)