Looking For You  (March 2022)
Choreographer : Ria Vos
Type of dance : 2 wall line dance
Level : 
Counts : 32

Intro: 8 counts

Music :
I've Been Looking For You
Artist :
Bryan Adams
BPM   : 200
Open as


Heel & Heel &, Boogie Walk, Mambo Fwd, Back Shuffle
1&2& Dig R Heel Fwd, Step R Next to L, Dig L Heel Fwd, Step L Next to R
3&4 Boogie Walk Fwd Stepping R-L-R
5&6 Rock L Fwd, Recover on R, Step Back on L
7&8 Shuffle Backwards Stepping R-L-R

L Coaster Step, Charleston Step, Step Twist-Twist
1&2 Step Back on L, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
3-4 Point R Fwd, Step Back on R
5-6 Point L Back Backwards, Step Fwd on L
7&8 Step Fwd on R, Swivel Both Heels R, Recover (weight on L) ***Restart Point

Out-Out, Swivel Heels-Toes In, Toe Fans R & L, Rumba Box
1& Step R to R Side (Out), Step L to L Side (Out)
2& Swivel Both Heels In, Swivel Both Toes In
3& Swivel R Toe Out, Recover
4& Swivel L Toe Out, Recover (weight on L)
5&6 Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Step Fwd on R
7&8 Step L to L Side, Step R Next to L, Step Back on L

Back Toe Struts, R Coaster Step, Walk-Walk-Run-Run-Run Turning 3/4 Turn L
1& Step Back on R Toe, Lower R Heel
2& Step Back on L Toe, Lower L Heel
3&4 Step Back on R, Step L Next to R, Step Fwd on R
5-6 Start Walk Around 3/4 Turn L in an Arc Stepping L-R
7&8 Finish Walk Around 3/4 Turn L ‘Running’ L-R-L (3:00)

Restart: On Wall 2 After Count 16 (3:00)