Beautiful Memory   (April 2019)
Choreographer : Wil Bos & Juliet Lam
Type of dance : 2 wall line dance
Level : Intermediate

Counts : 64

Intro: 20 counts, start on lyrics “You Turn and Walk Away”

Music : Goodbye My Love

Artist : Helene Fischer

BPM   : 87
Open as


Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Hold, 1/4 Turn Right, 1/4 Turn Right, Cross, Side
1-4RF. Rock to right side - LF. Recover – RF. Cross over LF - Hold
5-8LF. 1/4 turn right, step back – RF. 1/4 turn right step to right,
LF. Cross over RF, RF. Step to right (6:00)

1/8 Left, Back, Back, 1/8 Left, Side, 1/8 Left, Forward X 2,
Press 1/4 Left, 1/8 Left, Step, Run Run, Side

1-2&LF. 1/8 turn left step back – RF. Step right back – LF- 1/8 turn left, step left to side (3:00)
3-4RF. 1/8 left step forward - LF. Step forward (1:30)
5-6RF. 1/4 left facing 10:30, Press right to side, Bend right knee, LF. 1/8 left, Step left forward (9:00)
7&8RF. Run forward – LF. Run forward, RF. Step right to side

(Rock Back, Recover, Side) x 2, Cross Behind, 1/4 Turn Right, Step Forward, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right
1-2&LF. Rock Back - RF. Recover – LF. Step to left side
3-4&RF. Rock back - LF. Recover – RF. Step to right side
5-6LF. Cross behind RF – RF. 1/4 turn right step right forward (12.00)
7-8LF. Step forward, Make pivot 1/2 turn right (Weight on right) (6.00)

1/4 Turn Right, Behind Side Cross, Point, Touch & Cross Knee, 1/4 Turn Left Slow kick, Coaster Step
1LF. 1/4 Turn right, step to left side (9.00)
2&3RF. Cross behind left, – LF. Step to left – RF. Cross over LF
4-5-6LF. Ponit to left side, – LF.- touch beside R, pop knee cross RF – LF. 1/4 left &kick forward (6:00)
7&8LF. Step back – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step forward ** (Tag & Restart in Wall 3)
Step, 1/4 Turn Left, Cross Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Right Spiral, Chasse Right
1-2RF. Step Forward, Make pivot 1/4 turn left (3:00)
3&4RF. Cross over LF - LF. Step to left – RF. Cross over LF
5-6LF. Step to left – RF make a 1/2 spiral turn right (9:00)
7&8RF. Step to right – LF. Close beside RF – RF. Step to right

Cross Over, 1/4 Turn Left, Chassι Left, 1/4 Turn Right Syncopated Jazz Box, Step Forward x 2
1-2LF. Cross over RF – RF 1/4 turn left step right back (6:00)
3&4LF. Step to left – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step to left
5-6&RF. Cross over LF – LF. 1/4 right step back – RF. Step right side (9:00)
7-8LF. Step forward - RF. Step forward

Rock Step, Recover, Close Beside, Step Back, Step Back,
1/2 Turn Right Step Forward, Recover, Close Beside, Step Back, Step Back & Sweep

1-2&LF. Rock forward - RF. Recover – LF. Close beside RF
3-4RF. Step back - LF. Step back
5-6&RF. 1/2 Turn right Step forward – LF. Recover – RF. Close beside LF
7-8LF. Step back – RF. Step back & sweep LF from front to back (3.00)

Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn Right Sailor Step, Lockstep
1&2LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Step to right – LF. Cross over RF
3-4RF. Side rock step - LF. Recover
5&6RF. 1/4 Turn right, cross right behind left – LF. Step to left side– RF. Step to right side
7&8LF. Step forward – RF. Lock behind LF – LF. Step forward (6.00)

TAG: 4 Count Tag: Rocking chair
1-4RF. Rock forward – LF. Recover – RF. Rock back – LF. Recover

TAG: 4 Count TAG: To be added at the End of Wall 1 and Wall 2.
**And in Wall 3 after 32 counts add Tag & Restart facing 6:00.
Sequence of dance: 64, Tag, 64, Tag, 32, Tag (Restart), 64, 16 (Ending)
Contact: Wil Bos,  Juliet Lam,