All Summer (Augustus 2022)
Choreografie : Ria Vos
Soort dans : 4 muurs lijndans
Niveau : Improver

Tellen : 32
Intro : 16 tellen

All Country
Muziek :
All Summer
Artiest :
Little Big Town
Tempo : 118 BPM

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Cross, Tap, & Heel, Hold, & Cross Rock, Side Rock
1-2 Cross R Over L, Tap L Toe Behind R Heel
&3-4 Step Back on L, Dig R Heel to R Diagonal, Hold
&5-6 Step on Ball of R Next to L, Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R

7-8 Rock L to L Side, Recover on R

Behind, Turn R, Step Fwd, Pivot Turn R, R Chasse L, Rock Back

1-2 Step L Behind R, Turn R Step Fwd on R (3:00)
3-4 Step Fwd on L, Pivot Turn R (9:00)
5&6 Turn R Step L to L Side, Step R Next to L, Step L to L Side (12:00)
7-8 Rock Back on R, Recover on L

Side, Together, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Fwd, Full Turn L

1-2 Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R
3&4 Shuffle Fwd Stepping R-L-R
5-6 Rock Fwd on L, Recover on R
7-8 Turn L Step Fwd on L, Turn L Step Back on R (option: 2 walks back L-R)

Shuffle Back, Rock Back, Pivot 1/8 Turn L x2

1&2 Shuffle Back Stepping L-R-L
3-4 Rock Back on R, Recover on L
5-6 Step Fwd on R, Pivot 1/8 Turn L

7-8 Step Fwd on R, Pivot 1/8 Turn L (9:00)
Note 5-8: Rotate your hips CCW while turning

4 count Tag: After wall 2 (6:00)

1-2 Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L
3-4 Rock R to R Side, Recover on L

After count 12 replace Chasse with a Shuffle R to end facing 12:00

All Country