What Did I Do?  (Juni 2023)
Choreographer : Ivonne Verhagen & Gregory Danvoie
Type of dance : 4 wall line dance
Level : 
High Beginner
Counts : 32

Music :
What Did I Do
Artist :
Annie Bosko feat. Raul Malo
BPM   : 110
Open as


S1. Side touch, step forward with turn, Side touch with turn,
step forward with turn, step forward, pivot , cross shuffle

1-2RF touch to the R side, turn to the R & RF step forward (3h) (Optional use your hips)
3-4 turn to the R & LF touch to the L side (6h), turn to the L & LF step forward (3h)
5-6RF step forward, pivot with turn to the L
7&8RF cross over LF, LF step to the side, RF cross over LF (12h)

S2. Step forward with turn, hitch with turn, cross,
hitch, cross, step back, side chasse

1-2LF step forward with turn to the L (9h), RF hitch with turn to the L (6h)
3-4RF cross over LF, LF hitch
5-6LF cross over RF, RF step back
7&8LF step to the L side, RF close to LF, LF step to the L side

S3. Cross rock, recover, side step, cross rock, recover,
step forward with turn, shuffle back with turn

1-2RF cross rock over LF, recover to LF
3-4RF step to the R side, LF cross rock over RF
5-6Recover to RF, turn left & LF step forward (3h)
7&8 turn L & RF step side, LF close to RF, turn left & RF step back (9h)

S4. Rock back, recover, shuffle forward, side rock, recover, cross rock, recover
1-2LF rock back, recover to RF
3&4LF step forward, RF close to LF, LF step forward
5-6RF side rock, recover to LF
7-8RF cross rock over LF, recover to LF