Jello Shot  (Augustus 2023)
Choreographer : Ivonne Verhagen & Colin Ghys
Type of dance : 2 wall line dance
Level : Intermediate

Counts : 32

Intro: 8 Counts, Start at approx 10 sec

Music : Jello Shot

Artist : Jay Allen

BPM   : 176
Open as


SEC 1 Twist Heel Out, In, Step, Side Rock, Cross,
¼ Back, Back, Back Rock, ½ Back, ¼ Hitch

1&2 Twist right heel to right, twist right heel to left, transfer weight onto right
3-4 Rock left to left, recover weight onto right
Option Snake roll left
5&6 Cross left over right, turn ¼ left step right back, step left back (9:00)
7&8& Rock right back, recover weight onto left, turn ½ left step right back,
turn ¼ left hitch left knee
*Restart Here on Wall 3, replace the ¼ hitch with turn ¼ left step left to left

SEC 2 Side, ¼ Step, ¼ Point, ½ Point, Cross Rock, Side, Cross Rock, Point
1-2 Step left to left, turn ¼ right step right forward (3:00)
Option On count 1 bend both knees and lower body
3-4 Turn ¼ right point left to left, turn ½ right point left to left (12:00)
5&6 Cross rock left over right, recover weight onto right, step left to left
7&8 Cross rock right over left, recover weight onto left, point right to right

SEC 3: ¼ Step, Back, Shuffle, ½ Diamond
1-2 Turn ¼ right step right forward, step left back (3:00)
3&4 Step right forward, step left beside right, step right forward
5&6 Cross left over right, step right to right, turn ⅛ left step left back (1:30)
7&8 Step right back, turn ⅜ left step left to left, step right forward (9:00)

SEC 4 Mambo Step, Coaster Step, Step, ½ Pivot, ¼ Side, Touch
1&2 Rock left forward, recover weight onto right, step left back
3&4 Step right back, step left beside right, step right forward
5-6 Step left forward, pivot ½ right transferring weight onto right (3:00)
7-8 Turn ¼ right step left to left, touch right beside left (6:00)

Tag At the end of Wall 6
Sway, Sway, Hold
1-2-3 Sway body right, sway body left, hold