You Should Let Me   (Juni 2018)
Choreographer : Rudy Honing
Type of dance : 4 wall line dance
Level : Intermediate

Counts : 32

Intro: 16 counts

Music :
Let me love you
Artist :
Chris Lane
BPM   : 93
Open as


            Section 1 :
Side Rock R, Side Rock L, ½ Turn L, Cross Mambo R
1-2&    Step R to the side, Rock L behind R, Weight back on R
3-4&    Step L to the side, Rock R behind L, Weight back on L
5-6       Step R ¼ Turn L, Step L ¼ Turn L
7&8     Cross R over L, Weight back on L, Step R to the side

            Section 2 :
Cross, side, Sailor Step ¼ Turn L, Pivot ½ L, Make ½ Turn L, Coasterstep L

1-2       Cross L over R, Step R to the side
3&4     Step L behind R, ¼ Turn Left Stepping R in place, Step L slightly forward
5&6     Step R forward, ½ Turn L, Make ½ Turn L stepping R back
7&8     Step L back, Step R next L, Step L forward

            Section 3 :
Walk R+L forward, Anchor step, ¼ Turn L, Cross, ¾ Turn R
1-2       Step R forward, Step L forward
3&4     Rock back on R, Rock Fwd on L, Rock Back on R
5-6       Step L ¼ Turn L, Cross R over L
&7-8    Step L ¼ Turn R, ½ Turn R stepping R forward, Step L forward

            Section 4 :
Mambo Step R forward, Step Lock step L back, Coasterstep R, FulL turn R
1&2     Step R forward, Weight back on L, Step R back
3&4     Step L back, Lock R in front of L, Step L back
5&6     Step R back, Step L next R, Step R forward
7&8     Full Turn R stepping L,R,L
Start over

At the end of Walls  4,8,10 : you have a Restart after16 counts ( end of section 2 )

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